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its me 12 years ago
at the end her said im ashamed and sad i dont really like doing this kind of things and when she walked away it look like it in a sad way. You no wat i mean i feel sorry for her
fuck 12 years ago
she sad what the fuck did you give her money for that
..C..Kersey 6 years ago
Here's my take. People are getting more and more tired of this lewd public trash, even in the big cities. Even if it's a woman and she's good looking, people are going to start pushing back because the law's on their side.
Jack 9 years ago
Like your vagan
doo doo 11 years ago
Fuck this bitch
??? 12 years ago
uh, where's the police? they should have come and gangfuck her on the street.
zzz 12 years ago
she is so fucking hot,, so fucking nice pussy ;-)
again its me that dude 12 years ago
i meant to say her face said im ashamed...
katie 12 years ago
imaa girl , and i would slide my tongue up and downnn her pussy <3
good 12 years ago
i am ashamed while watchinh. what kind of nerve she has.